Design Question = What are new ways of experiencing, observing or remembering an environment post visual documentation, and photographic documentation. Often times the sense of smell is the most powerful sense when one is experiencing a new environment. The smells of an environment are deeply rooted in your mental archive, and when you smell something similar to that environment your glands are activated, and you visually picture your experience in a specific place. This network of atomic sensations sends electric messages down your spine, and into your blood streams, that triggers the movement of the nostrils, that breathes in, then exhales out while visually placing you back in that environment. With this is mind this research expedition’s core focus was to fuse experimental chemistry methodologies with local + natural materials from diverse environments across the globe. This edition of experimentation took place in the Amazon Jungle using local plants, water, cellulose, plant extracts, and medicinal dyes. These materials were locally sourced, and act as perceptual colour and smell specimens of the environment in which they were made. This living archive, and capsule of the natural elements, smells, and visual properties  of the Amazon Jungle will act as a catalyst for connecting cultures, and sensory exchanges through material alchemy.


Research Components = Material Science +  Natural Fibres as Aromatic Memory


Design Components = Plant Skin + Dye Aroma + Soil + River H2O



SKIN DNA = Cacao Fruit + Soil + Iron Extract


SKIN DNA = Pink Gecko Dye + Iron Extract + Wassai Extract


SKIN DNA = Fire Ant Soil + Rain H2O


SKIN DNA =Yellow and Black Dart Frog Dye + Hibiscus Flower Extract


SKIN DNA = Matico Leaf Power + Dried Chacruna


SKIN DNA = Rain H2O  + River H2O  + Distilled Mist


SKIN DNA = Passion Flower Extract + Blue Poison Frog Dye + Pond Sand

SKIN DNA = Sanipanga Extract + Longwood Dye + Blue Mineral Pigment


SKIN DNA = River H2O + Coconut H2O

SKIN DNA = River Pebbles + Iron Extract + Monkey Frog Skin


SKIN DNA = Green Iguana Skin Dye + Acai Palm Tree Extract + Iron Extract


SKIN DNA = River H2O  + Mango Seed Extract


SKIN DNA = White Trillium Flower Extract + Rain H2O


SKIN DNA = Yellow and Black Dart Frog Dye + Hibiscus Flower Extract + Potash



SKIN DNA = Jabuticaba Seed Fragments + Yellow Bromeliad Dye


SKIN DNA = Tree Algae + River Algae + Blue Berries

SKIN DNA = Sanipanga Root  Extract + Longwood Dye + Blue Orchid


SKIN DNA = River H2O + Acid + Hibiscus Root

SKIN DNA = Lupuna Leaf Extract + Amazonian Honey


SKIN DNA = Rain H2O  + Fermented Tawari Tree Bark


SKIN DNA = Poinciana Leaf Dye + Kapok Dust + Hyla Tree Frog


SKIN DNA = Plica Plica Frog Dye + River Silica + Sulphur


Archive of Aromatic Amazonian Capsules

Skin Decay Sample

SKIN DNA = Passion Flower Extract + Blue Poison Frog Dye


SKIN DNA = Fermented  Soil + Monkey Brush Leaves + Iron Extract